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The casino

Saturday, January 19, 2008

So right now I am sitting at the casino on my blackberry waiting for this annoying bingo game to finish up so that I can get the girlfriend out of here. Don't get me wrong she has won a few games in the past but I just don't see the whole idea behind it. I mean she sits with a few of her girl friends while I'm down dropping rediculous amounts of money on roulette and still she comes out empty handed. Nothing I'm not used to buy that just how it goes. After spending a small paycheck on the fun night of loosing big at the casino I decide that its time to call it a night. But to my surprise I'm down 500 bucks. Ya its a bummer thinking about it but after you get home its the worst feeling! Now I am sure I have a few gamblers out there, but 500 bux in 3 hours is a bad investment. To some this is most likely just pocket change, but I'm out 500. Why did I come here? I wish I knew. Roulette has got to be one of the most fun games I have played here in Milwaukee, Wi, but then again I would have rather just grabbed a plane ticket to the keys and relaxed on the beach with a corona. font we all.....