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Movie: Untraceable Movie Ratings Good or Bad?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I just saw the new movie “Untraceable” that has just come out. I would have to say that it was a great movie. I was completely into it the entire time! I am still trying to figure out one of the parts though. A guy wanted to buy a rare piece of art work of some sort and he when to the killers house. He noticed the address and later then the kill got him. Then when the FBI watched the streaming web video the guy moved his mouth to say the address. When the cops showed up it was not the right house. So my question is how did that happen? Did the killer just move the guy? I don’t know? But either way I would have to tell everyone that is into high tech stuff to check this movie out. I would have to say the ending is pretty tite! Tell us what you think about the movie! Was is good or did is suck?


A sad day for a Ferrari owner!

So I was just browsing Google images and I come across this horrible picture of a idiot that drove a truck through a garage door and over a Ferrari parked inside. This just pisses me off! The guys like well I can’t afford another one so I’m looking at an s2k, or M3. I say well if the wife didn’t run over your $250,000 Ferrari you wouldn’t be looking at $20,000 cars.


My new 350Z is parked

Not much happening tonight! Right I’m looking out the window at my winter beater jeep 4x4. The truck is supposed to be red, but there is so many rust holes I don’t even think I could call it a truck (oh ad NO HEAT!). It has a black door on the driver’s side and the 4-wheel drive no longer works. Also it’s covered in about a foot of snow from today’s grand snow storm. Why am I writing about this $400 jeep sitting in the frozen driveway? Because I miss the car I drive in the summer. No I don’t drive my $400 beauty during the summer, though the bald tires might not slip as much then.
This past summer I had purchased a Red 2005 35th Anniversary Nissan 350Z with 6K miles on it from California. The car is awesome and I have been drooling over it ever since the day they came out. Sure I could have gone with an EVO or STI, but I had to go with a Z. I have even met plenty of STI owners that wish they had one. By now I have lost everyone’s attention because, know likes someone who brags about their sh-t all day….But I can since I have to drive this dumb jeep around. That what happens when you buy with your dreams in mind instead of your head. I’m not saying I can’t afford it, that’s quite opposite actually. The whole idea is that people need to understand to work hard now and play later. It seems I don’t have as much fun as I used to because I am Always coming up with new ideas on how to make an good income. Either way its cold out I can’t drive the Z, so I guess I will have to settle for my $400 junker, but it plows through snow. Its interesting how you can own something you don’t even want, but its completely necessary.