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Why I like a blog to be simple with out the flare.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Many of us have blogs, but others just over do it with widgets, adsence, wallpapers, games, polls, rotating pictures of friends, and of course more adsence. Now there is nothing wrong with this at all, we all do it but content is important as well. Just the other day I came across a blog that had been up for about a year and there were so many spinning hearts, smiley faces and pop-ups that I thought it was a MySpace profile on steroids. I guess that’s the best part of a blog, some people use it as a way to get a point across, others maybe just for the money, and some to just express there lives. Now I am not writer, but I knew when I started my blog I wanted it to be simple enough for a person to actually read it, not to go into a seizure and leave. I like a blog that is simple, but also is easy to navigate. Let us know what you look for in a blog..

New Facebook Chat coming this week!

With over 69 million active users, this social networking giant has yet another new addition to their empire. Facebook users always have had the chance to send messages in an email format back and forth. The only problem with this is getting a message across quickly. Facebook will now be releasing a real-time chat program, which enables users to chat it up with others around the US. The best part is that Facebook users will not need buddy lists, because they already have there friends added in the Facebook system. The chat program will be in a movable pop-up window, which will let the user multi task a little bit better.

The downside – Facebook users will Only be able to chat 1 on 1 with others. The user will be able to keep history of the chat or delete it for good, nothing will be stored permanently.

Patrick Thornton, who runs the blog, states "The Journalism Iconoclast," said since he can chat with his Gmail contacts in Gmail and Facebook friends on Facebook, he will have little need for AIM.
"Facebook is a platform that allows people to connect in much deeper and more visceral ways than a standalone IM client ever could," he said. "Why just talk to someone when you can experience them? That's what Facebook allows people to do."
Look for this new feature coming up this week!

Blackberry Komet - T-Mobile's New Secret Weapon!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Yes we found out about this just a few weeks ago when my Blackberry pearl (8100) decided not to work anymore. For whatever reason the speaker has gone out on it and in order to hear the person your talking to you need to put the loud speaker on. This lead me on to try and find out when T-Mobile’s Pearl 2 was going to ever launch.

But now that I have lost everyone’s interest in this post I will drop the specs for you. If you haven't heard yet from a forums or blogs yet T-Mobile will be introducing there new secret weapon, the Blackberry Komet! So my only question is, is this T-Mobile’s Pearl 2 or yet another Blackberry model to launch at a later date? I have heard roomer after roomer that the line of pearl 2’s would come to T-Mobile earlier this year. But still no go, maybe this is why they have been holding back.

APRIL 15th, 2008 is now the new rumored date as far as some Pearl 2 goes but we will see as that date approaches in the next week and a half. Will the Komet launch as soon as the 15th or just a pearl 2 (8120)? Since Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular have had the Blackberry Pearl 2 (8130) for months now, you would think that by now the GSM carriers would play catch up. But as always the demand is there for the crackberry fans, but as far as the business side of things go, when will we see change?

Blackberry Pearl 2 Komet Specs from

• 3.2 megapixel camera
• Flash improvement and 6x digital zoom
• 3.5 mm Headset Jack
• External MicroSD slot
• SureType device
• New keypad technology
• 240×260 LCD display
• Wi-Fi capable
• 64MB of memory
• Streaming media support
• 4.5 hours of talk time/15 days of standby
• Stereo Bluetooth
• Windows Media DRM & MTP
• New metallic colors
• "Top and rear loudspeaker port"
• Voice Notes enhancements
• A new battery door latch
• "Improved Front Receiver Porting"
• Improved Lanyard design
• Improved Mic with wind protection
• Motion Lock
• Improved SIM card holder
• High speed USB
• Improved mechanical design, and build quality