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New Facebook Chat coming this week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

With over 69 million active users, this social networking giant has yet another new addition to their empire. Facebook users always have had the chance to send messages in an email format back and forth. The only problem with this is getting a message across quickly. Facebook will now be releasing a real-time chat program, which enables users to chat it up with others around the US. The best part is that Facebook users will not need buddy lists, because they already have there friends added in the Facebook system. The chat program will be in a movable pop-up window, which will let the user multi task a little bit better.

The downside – Facebook users will Only be able to chat 1 on 1 with others. The user will be able to keep history of the chat or delete it for good, nothing will be stored permanently.

Patrick Thornton, who runs the blog, states "The Journalism Iconoclast," said since he can chat with his Gmail contacts in Gmail and Facebook friends on Facebook, he will have little need for AIM.
"Facebook is a platform that allows people to connect in much deeper and more visceral ways than a standalone IM client ever could," he said. "Why just talk to someone when you can experience them? That's what Facebook allows people to do."
Look for this new feature coming up this week!