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The 50" IO2 Heliodisplay! TV projected in Mid-Air with No screen!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What is the IO2 Heliodisplay? The IO2 Heliodisplay is a Crazy new technology that actually projects TV \ PC display in THIN AIR! No projector screen needed. Like is star wars where Rt-d2 projects a movie in mid air, this is the same concept.
best explains this awesome display best:

Attach any computer or DVD using a standard computer or video cable to the Heliodisplay system, and project video or images into mid-air. Various models are available ranging sizes from 30", 50" and 100" (diagonal) areas. The 'i" version allows for a "virtual" touch screen (new for December 2007). No special hardware or software is required to view images. The new versions also have an improved image, are smaller, lighter, and easier to use. The 30" Heliodisplay is now only 5.9" tall, and weighs 15lbs. The 50" and 100" are each only 10" tall and weigh 28lbs, and 68lbs respectively. All afford a wide range of flexibility and options. Installation is also available.

You can also find many videos of the projector in action at:

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