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T-mobile Blackberry Pearl 2 (8120)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So as the rumor has it T-Mobile will be launching the Blackberry Pearl 2 on Feb. 18th! What color you ask? It Will be a Silver \ Grey color as seen in the picture.
I currently have the 8100 pearl with T-Mobile and I just cannot wait to get my hands on the new phone featuring Wi-Fi. But sadly this phone still will NOT feature a GPS antenna, which really has me steamed. Currently this “Top Secret” T-Mobile phone is a little bit delayed as US Cellular has already released their Blackberry 8130 (CDMA Version of the Pearl 2). The reason for this? Well just like with any company, they need to get out the old before getting in the new. The Blackberry 8100’s already have had a huge price drop so that they can get rid of them in time for the new pearl 2’s. Over all not much is being said about the features hidden inside the phone but one thing very noticeable were the enlarged send\end keys, a 2.0MP camera (which is now centered in the middle but still on the back), Loud Speaker moved to the center for added protection, and also the pearl seems to be slightly recessed inwards. Over all this, in my opinion, will be one of the best phones to hit the market early this year. So before your ready to sign that next 2yr contract, be sure to wait a few more weeks and check out the Blackberry Pearl 8120! Anything I missed? Leave us a comment! When you get your new Blackberry Pearl checkout for all your wireless phone accessory need! (HINT: Look below on this Blog for special coupon codes!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

God, I hope you're right about this release date. My current pearl is like Jake and Elwood's car at the end of the Blues Brothers--it's holding together on pure faith. The pearl won't select, the top half of the keyboard doesn't work, I can barely see through the screen. The fact that I desperately want another pearl after running this one into the ground in a short year and a quarter is all the testimony you need for the word "crackberry".