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A cat that eats with a Fork, Spoon, And Chopsticks Video!??

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Once again just watching some videos on YouTube and I had accidently clicked on this video. It was labeled “Cat eats with a friggin fork!!” Alright so I was curious what the hell this was. Sure enough the damn cat is eating with a fork, spoon, and CHOPSTICKS? This lady that trained the cat considers it a “family secret” and that her and her husband are lonely together since the kids left. I consider the husband not putting out enough. Just watch the video. Seriously wtf is wrong with these people!


zstorez said...

They let the cat sit at the table? If there was a cat on my table it be sold at a garage sale!

skater8 said...

Bill dude you gotta do better at home man!